Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Election dispute: It's a game over!

Constitutional Court has ruled in favor of General Election Commission (KPU) regarding the presidential election, and as a result confirming SBY-Boediono's victory.
The Court, in its 420 pages ruling, rejected Megawati-Prabowo's appeal for a second round of election or a re-election. The Court also rejected Kalla-Wiranto's appeal to annul the July 8 election results and demanding a re-election. The Court argued both Kalla-Wiranto and Megawati-Prabowo camps failed to provide legal evidences about voters list manipulation, inflated vote counts, etc.
Both camps claimed millions of citizens have been denied an opportunity to exercise their voting right in the election.
Since the Constitutional Court's ruling is considered final, presidential election results announced by KPU few weeks ago are now confirmed: SBY-Boediono is the winner, Megawati-Prabowo as runner-up, and Kalla-Wiranto the third. Cabinet speculation will revive again soon.




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