Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stop campaigning, back to work!

These politicians will never stop campaigning. After "winning" the presidency, deputy chairman of SBY's Demokrat Party Ahmad Mubarok said SBY will become secretary general of United Nations after his second term in office. My goodness, SBY has yet to serve Indonesian people, this guy has started to campaign for another job!
"He will become UN secretary general. That would bring positive image to Indonesia," Mubarok said.
This guy has also started to talk about 2014 presidential ticket. "I favor Anas (Urbaningrum, executive of Demokrat Party), he is young and inherits SBY's character," Mubarok further campaigned.
Others started to predict First Lady Ani Yudhoyono might run for presidency in 2014. But Demokrat Party executive Andi Mallarangeng said it's too early to talk about that. Well, the 2009 election winner has yet to be confirmed formally. It is true that Kalla already congratulated SBY. It is also true that Megawati has yet to congratulate SBY because she believes the process is not final yet. But is it necessary for Urbaningrum to say this?
Democracy respects the process, and that also reflects political maturity of a leader or a winner. SBY's camp shall also respect the process, complaints, and critics as part of our journey to improve the democracy. Why pushing for a single definition of political maturity? Why are they in a hurry to expect flowers, greetings, congratulations? Why not go back to work, because they have missed so much of their 2004 campaign promises?
Try to bring back Djoko Tjandra and put him in jail. Get Robert Tantular's friends and prosecute for the mess at Bank Century. Help the State to recover hundreds of million USD taken out from Bank Tripanca. These two cases in past 12 months already cost the State over US$1 billion. Stop campaigning for image. Walk the talk! People need actions! Unless they want to be the leader of NATO (no action, talk only). May be it is an available job? Go ask Barrack Obama for information. 
Do something about "real interest rate", not the benchmark BI rate. The benchmark rate is 6.75%, but lending rates for motorists stay above 32.5%. Bring us the real "free education", coz my friend just paid US$500 entry fee to a public school for his daughter because the school committee said they got no budget to refurbish and build new buildings.
Oops, before you raise military budget by 20% next year, please audit military's spending in the past. And please don't change the name of BPS (Central Bureau of Statistics) into ABS (Asal Bapak Senang) with this kind of joke!

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Blogger Rob Baiton said...

I guess when you get 60% plus support according to most Indonesian election quick counts that the next obvious step in the evolution of SBY is Secretary General of the United Nations.

I would have thought that a strong anti-corruption stance would have bode well for a shot at the UN. The idea of SBY being non-plussed at best, and instrumental at worst, in the dismantling of the KPK is hardly going to make him a shoe in at the UN.

I think some people are getting a little bit carried away with the alleged qualities of the man. It is perhaps time that SBY and Partai Demokrat upped the ante and fulfilled some of their election promises from 2004 and then got stuck into fulfilling some from 2009.


July 12, 2009 4:39 AM  

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