Saturday, July 25, 2009

KPU declared SBY-Boediono as the winner, Megawati & Kalla to file lawsuits

General Election Commission (KPU) has formally declared SBY-Boediono as the winner of July 8 presidential-vice presidential election. 
KPU said SBY-Boediono got 73.87 million votes or 60.8% of legitimate votes counted, while Megawati-Prabowo got 32.5 million votes or 26.8%, and Kalla-Wiranto with 15 million votes or 12.4%.
Megawati-Prabowo, the runner up, rejected to sign the results. Kalla-Wiranto, meanwhile, signed the results. But both teams decided to challenge the process and the results to Constitutional Court. 
"We accept the final votes counting, but not the process. That's why we will file our claims to Constitutional Court on Monday," Burhanuddin Napitupulu, member of Kalla-Wiranto team said.
This reflects internal dynamics at Golkar Party led by Jusuf Kalla. The party is split about its future, to join a coalition with SBY or become opposition party. This decision, to accept the election result, will clearly pave the way for a smooth rejoining of Golkar into SBY-Boediono administration.
Megawati-Prabowo, on the other hand, straightforwardly rejected to sign the results and will challenge the process to Constitutional Court on Tuesday. "We have 30 days to collect data and evidences," Gayus Lumbuun, head of legal team of Megawati-Prabowo said.
Megawati and Prabowo didn't attend the official announcement by KPU this morning. Kalla, Wiranto, SBY, and Boediono were all there. KPU's headquarter and the surrounding area have been heavily guarded by police officers in the past few days. But the announcement was relatively peaceful.
A group of people from ARUS (Aliansi Rakyat untuk SBY) or People's Alliance for SBY staged a rally near KPU's headquarter asking everybody to accept the election results. They waved banners written with the following statement: Menolak hasil pemilu = musuh rakyat = teroris or Rejecting election result = people's enemy = terrorist. Well, looks like this is just too much. Someday they will conclude critics = terrorists. I guess both parties shall respect each other. 




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