Thursday, November 02, 2006

Infrastructure Summit (Too)

Infrastructure Summit II has entered the second day with foreign creditors flocked to the arena to extend their credit lines. With them, are insurers like OPIC or state-sponsored export credit agencies like China EXIM and brokers/investors. Wish I could be there. But I have some blogger fanatics there to report what's going on.

"I hardly found people with white-hair, white people (bules). I'm afraid most attendees are Indonesian brokers/proxy-investors," said head of US investment bank in Jakarta.
"Well, the fact that most attendees are black-hair (excluded bules with black hair), few bule, shows the emergence of China as the new global power in investment. I met some real investors from China, including guys from EXIM Bank of China. I guess the US investment banker discounted too much other-than-bule investors..he3," another banker clarified.
"Besides, most global investors have their representatives in Indonesia and increasingly headed by Indonesian, black-hair," a head of local investment bank argued.
"You're dead wrong when you wrote that Indonesia government rejected US investor's plan to build US$2 billion coal-fired power plant in South Sumatra. The fact, your newspaper printed the story as headline today," one reader complained in an email this morning.
"You're just too cynical about the Summit and its impact. No investor would jump-in just like that, pouring hundreds of million dollars on something. Government deserved second chance with The Summit," another reader wrote.
How good the cabinet's performance there?
JK: Like usual, sharp (sometimes scared investor off), plain business language (English so...)
Boediono: Good
Sri Mulyani: Good
Sugiharto: So...
Poernomo: So...
Hatta Radjasa: Good
On average, good...(These guys are good in drafting presentations, hopefully better in drafting & implementing what they've written)
Well, deep down my heart, I always hope the best for the nation, and thanks for those who come to town from thousand miles away and flocked to the conference. I'm sure the organizer also get very good return from its investment. I could only echoe the wishes of many people: Government and other parts of the society should make up their minds, get things done, move fast, don't spend too much time in conferences/seminars but rather behind the desk, making decisions, checking the implementation of programs in the field, and reviewing what's left behind or cynicism prevails.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Bules indicates the emergence of China as the investor power..Eer shows that nobody believes a word of what the Indonesia government says. Indonesia an investment disaster area. Basic principle of honouring contracts, rule of law and actually paying your bills would help.

November 03, 2006 4:50 PM  

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