Friday, November 03, 2006

Cost recovery claims & US$2.5bn state loss

The Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) found potential loss to the state of US$2.5 billion of cost recovery claimed by five oil and gas contractors, reported.

BPK has just audited five of the contractors. They are Chevron Pacific Indonesia, ConocoPhilips Grissik, PetroChina Jabung, Medco Rimau and Pertamina-BSP. BPK blamed on Upstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Body (BPMigas) for the potential losses as the agency is seen non decisive enough. BPK also asked government to review the production sharing contracts (PSCs) to have them clearly state what costs could be recovered.

Details are as follows:
Charges on interest recovery:
- Chevron: USD4.95 million
- Conoco: USD170.4 million
- PetroChina: USD23.98 million
Third party contracts:
- GSEA contract between Conoco & Chevron: USD5.46 million
- Electricity supply contract between BOB Pertamina & Chevron: USD20.04 million
- Electricity supply contract between Chevron & MCTN: USD210 million & USD1.23 billion
- Duri oil-gas exchange between Chevron & Conoco: USD4.2 million

- Collection station modification at Chevron: USD33.979 million
- Investment credit charges for gas operation at Conoco: USD379.5 million (no legal grounds)
- First Tranche Petroleum at Conoco: USD442.19 million during 1997-99 & 2000-2004 (no legal grounds)

Unfortunately none of the companies audited clarified the findings so far. Considering the amount that big, if they're true, so much at stake for these oil giants, especially Chevron & Conoco, both listed in the world's stock exchanges. The scope of audit, I think, has been limited to certain operation of these giants and that would potentially lead to another major findings. It's interesting to see what will be their responds.
BPMigas, as reported by, simply said it would follow-up the findings and cross-check them with the contracts.
To my surprise, even BPMigas admitted, donations from these oil/gas contractors made to tsunami victims could be charged as cost recovery item as long as it's stated in the contract. Such donation could be considered the company's corporate responsibility & community development program and it's reimbursed.
To me, it isn't fair at all. These companies got so much publication when they gave the donation, perceived as good citizens, and have led people to think how generous they are while actually it's the state/people who pay for it through cost recovery scheme.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well..I would once again refer to your Chevron Indonesia Wake Up Call Part 1 and Part 2. This is to confirm the discussion and reader comments as shown. We also learn that The Chevron Power Business involving former Pertamina Director and Suharto sons as well. If that is the case..more surprises will be coming. Interesting to watch..San Ramon and New York should never consider these findings lightly..

November 10, 2006 4:40 PM  

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