Saturday, December 03, 2005

High hopes on Dr Boediono, doors closed for Dr Rizal Ramli

Dr Boediono (illustration courtesy of KCM), former minister of finance under Megawati Soekarnoputri admnistration and Minister/Chairman of National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) under BJ Habibie administration, is almost sure will be the coordinating minister for economy replacing Aburizal Bakrie. He would also lead Bappenas as its current leader Sri Mulyani Indrawati would replace Jusuf Anwar as the minister of finance.
People tend to react positively on Boediono's return to the economic team considering his good reputation and track record in the market. Who is he?
Dr Boediono born in Blitar, East Java, in February 25, 1943. He earned bachelor degree in economics from University of Western Australia (1967), master in economics from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (1972), and PhD in business economics from Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania, USA (1979).
Married to Herati with two children and Spent most of his career with Bappenas, he was moved to Central Bank (Bank Indonesia) prior to crisis until his assignment as chairman of Bappenas. Cool and tight-lips, Boediono rarely make controversial statement.
He believes in three important factors to make Indonesia regain international confidence. First, good policies. Second, good will. Third, good luck. As he said over and over that the name of the game is confidence.
Market seems to welcome Boediono. But as he said, even though he could make good policies, Boediono needs good will and good luck to meet people's high expectation.
Economist Umar Juoro said Boediono's discipline in controlling state budget and inflation might be at odd with Vice President Jusuf Kalla who demands stimulus from state budget.
So far, no comments heard from Kalla despite claim made by The Jakarta Post that Kalla supports Boediono's entry to cabinet. The newspaper's claim based on a source close to SBY saying Boediono's appointment had been privately discussed between SBY and Kalla, who also chairs the Golkar Party, which controls the largest number of House seats.
The National Mandate Party (PAN) and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), two strategic allies of SBY, have expressed support for Boediono's appointment. SBY's own party, Democrat Party, previously tipped Dr Rizal Ramli as coordinating minister for economy. But Boediono's appointment had almost close the door for Dr Ramli's entry to cabinet as both have different styles in economic policies. Dr Ramli was minister of finance and coordinating minister for economy under Abdurrahman Wahid's admnistration. He is a stauch critic of International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

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