Friday, March 12, 2010

When SOE Minister Wants a 'BUMN Tower'

Minister for State Enterprise Mustafa Abubakar encourages Wijaya Karya, state-run construction company and other state-owned companies (SOEs) to develop the so-called ‘BUMN Tower’. He hopes the tower could be similar to that of Petronas tower in Malaysia.
The minister made the statement when delivering a speeching marking the 50th anniversary of PT Wijaya Karya (perserso) Tbk.
One would wonder what comes into the mind of the minister when he made such statement. Do we really need this? Isn’t that mean the state-run companies are just following Malaysia? Aren’t there any other ways that make the state-owned companies to be proud of than just a tower? Why don’t focus on, improving performance so that the company or SOEs can pay bigger dividend and tax every year and create a lot of jobs? Well, it is up to the SOEs.
Meanwhile, the SOE minister said the anniversary is a right moment for the company to retreat and move forward and faces future challenges. “Now is the right time for Wika to continue to show its masterpiece both on national and global scale,” Mustafa said, as quoted by
Among the well-known projects of Wijaya Karya are coal-fired power plants (PLTU) of Labuan and Indramayu, Suramadu bridge and BI building. (Roffie Kurniawan)

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