Saturday, March 13, 2010

Umar Patek is still out there

Police shot dead the US$10 million man Dulmatin, the most wanted terrorist in South East Asia. How about the US$1 million man Umar Patek?
Well, Indonesian police suspected Umar Patek entered Indonesia about two months ago. His colleague, Heru Kuncoro, is believed to have left the Philippines as well, reported. Heru AKA Uceng is reportedly brother in law of Dulmatin.
Some speculated that Heru attended the funeral of Dulmatin yesterday. But Dulmatin family's spokesperson Said Ahmad Sungkar dismissed that speculation. "I didn't see him, probably because too many people," Said said.
Media reported at least 2,000 people attended the funeral in Pemalang, Central Java.
The other terrorist suspect Zulkarnaen, reportedly responsible for all the operations of JI, is also out there.
It's like Indonesian saying: mati satu, tumbuh seribu (one dies, a thousand grow).

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