Saturday, March 06, 2010

SBY might prepare "jazz blues" album

President SBY has released three albums, mainly considered "melancholic pop". Tonight, the president will enjoy performance of jazz musicians and famous artists like Toni Braxton at the Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta.
President's Office informed today that the President will come to Hall D2 of Jiexpo Kemayoran where Braxton will perform. She might sing "Unbreak My Heart"?
A friend said "who knows he could get inspiration to write the fourth album, probably jazz blues." Seriously? "You better ask SBY himself. I heard the he prepared some titles already, Century Blues, Grey Pansus, White Lies, Yellow Traitors, Green Green Flip Flop, Dark Blue Sky," the crazy friend said.
"I also heard VP Boediono will write two songs: God Knows and I Swear...FM Sri Mulyani has yet to decide what to write."




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