Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Legislators brawl over Century

A plenary session of the House of Representatives (DPR) this morning turned into an ugly physical conflict between members of various political parties. Outside the DPR building, protesters were shot with water cannon.
The fights started shortly after Idrus Marham, chairman of the Special Committee to investigate Century case, read the "final conclusion" of the investigation. Bambang Soesatyo from Golkar Party interrupted the session and asked the plenary session to make final decision today through voting. Others jumped in, including Akbar Faisal (Hanura party) and Irawadi Syamsyudin (Demokrat). Tension heightened when more and more legislators moved closer to the House Leaders' podium.
House Speaker Marzuki Ali (from President SBY's Demokrat Party) responded the brawls and protests with closing down the session unilaterally. "With Thanks God, the House plenary session is concluded," Marzuki announced. The House members angered at Marzuki. "Take over the session's leadership," some members protested.




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