Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lagoon 500: Luxury yacht, not for research...

Fishermen are considered among the poorest of the society. Yet, the ministry of fishery purchased a "yacht" worth US$1.5 million arguably for "coral reef research".
Minister of fishery Fadel Muhammad said he has dropped the program of his predecessor Freddy Numberi, one of President SBY's trusted aides. "Lagoon 500 is just too luxury for research. Its cabin is unbelievably gorgeous," Fadel said. "This is really good for a voyage, but not me as a minister," Fadel cynically argued against the decision of his predecessor.
Media reports pointed to US$1.5 million purchasing price for Lagoon 500, way above its market price of US$850,000. The yacht arrived in Nongsa Port, Batam Island, in late January from France. Why Freddy Numberi purchased that? Who sold the "yacht" to the ministry? Corruption? Well, the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) is auditing the procurement. A friend said "this yacht is really good for research good looking girls who love coral reefs."




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