Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Garuda auctions off 4 Boeing 737-400

Flag carrier Garuda Indonesia re-auctions four B737-400 aircrafts. The re-auction will be conducted separately for each of the aircraft on the same day through Kantor Pelayanan Kekayaan Negara dan Lelang (KPKNL) Jakarta V. reported last month that Garuda would convert up to 3 B737-400 into cargo airplanes (freighter). Meanwhile the four B737-400 put on auction are registered under PK-GWK, PK-GWM, PK-GWO, and PK-GWP.
Garuda currently owns 67 aircrafts, consited of B737-300 (15 units), B737-400 (19 units), and B737-500 (5 units). Garuda plans to replace old Boeings with 90 units of B737-800 Next Generation (NG) until 2014.




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