Monday, March 08, 2010

Flip-flop on electricity tariff

January 13, 2010, published an article titled "Pemerintah pastikan harga BBM dan TDL tidak akan naik" (government assures fuel and electricity tariff won't be raised) this year, quoting Hatta Rajasa, coordinating minister for the economy. Today, finance minister Sri Mulyani said "electricity tariff will raise by 15% in the second half." Which government we should trust in?
Here's the statement from Hatta less than two months ago: With higher electricity subsidy, the state-owned PLN can be empowered without necessarily raise the basic electricity tariff (TDL).
In the revised 2010 Budget proposed by government, electricity subsidy would increase 44.2% this year to Rp54.5 trillion. "TDL will increase 15% as of July 2010," Sri Mulyani said today.
Well, probably the government in January is different with government today (because of the Century case investigation).

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