Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blue chips lifted IDX

Composite index of IDX surged 2.12% to 2726 in the first session due to substantial rebound of blue chip stocks. BCA gained as much as 7.7%, while Astra advanced 3.62% and Telkom increased 1.2%.
BRI also gained 3.4%, while PGAS +3.07%, Unilever +2.08%, and Bumi Resources +1%. INCO, Indofood, and Indosat gained 1.9%, 1.3%, and 2.5% respectively. Bank Mandiri advanced further by 2.08%, while Danamon +2.97%. The Fed's decision to maintain interest rate is responded positively by Asian markets this morning. All of them are in green zone with both Hang Seng and KOSPI gained 1.28%, while others less than 1%.




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