Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stop, or My Mom will investigate...

The country has been entering a situation where Sylvester Stallone repeatedly shouts...Stop, or my mom will investigate...That's right. Public is entertained with an action comedy. Lots of State institutions are now playing Estelle Getty.

Public has no option than to get impression that the alleged tax evasion investigation on Bakrie-related companies (Bumi Resources, Kaltim Prima Coal, and Arutmin Indonesia) is more like Sly shouting to Bakrie and Golkar Party to stop hassling him on Century case.
Aburizal Bakrie told Sly (Joe Bornowski) in his blog ( that "on the tax issue, I think it is a matter of interpretation of tax laws. The issue shall be settled in court, not in political arena or media."
But Sly said: "I don't believe in the corrupt court system. You will surely win there. I need you to stop hassling me on this Century thing, or my mom will investigate you endlessly. She has one case now on KPC, and then will follow with BUMI, Arutmin, and Bakrie Investindo. So, you better stop now." Bakrie resisted Sly's call and so they're exchanging gunshots. Both wounded, but survived.
Sly is also going after Bakrie's colleagues: Idrus Marham (secretary) and Setya Novanto (treasurer). Sly considered them "bad-mouthing too much on Century." Sly filed a report to his Mom about an allegation of bribery committed by Idrus and Setya eight years ago.
Sly mounted further pressures on Bakrie with allegation of money flow from his younger brother Nirwan Bakrie to Emir Moeis (legislator from PDI-P). "Mom, do something about Emir. His party is such a pain in the ass...," Sly told Estelle.
"OK, OK, but you live under one "roof" with Bakrie at the unit. Isn't he one of your partners. Why don't try to find new partner?"
"Ma...That's not easy. He helped me a lot to win back my position. But if he keep harassing me like this, I would ask my boss to get new partner."
"Now you're going after Emir. Are you going to burn the whole unit?"
"I'm hoping to keep Bakrie a partner. I just want him to stop asking me replaces my lovely accountant. I love her so much. I just want to send message to Bakrie that I could make his life even more miserable."
"So, you're not serious about this tax investigation?"
"I wanted a serious investigation. But what if my friend, who contributed substantially in the last race, committed the same crime?"
"Son, what do you want actually?"
"Just make it slow, Ma. You did good job on Asian Agri before. They've been scared off and never touched my friend since then. I hope I could get similar outcome from your actions this time."
Lucky for Sly to have a Mom like that. She seems frail and weak, but capable of strong actions in some circumstances, especially when it comes to shooting his beloved son's opponents. Still, she told her son like this: "Joey, be a man. Settle your problems with Bakrie as a grown up."
by Haryanto Suharman & Yosef Ardi (taken from



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