Friday, February 26, 2010

Australian dies after falling from apartment

An Australian identified as Luke Thomas Devine, 24-year old, is confirmed died of fatal fall from 25th floor of an apartment building in Surabaya, East Java last night.
Anom Wibowo, head of police detective in Surabaya, said Luke fell from the apartment building (Waterplace) where he and girlfriend identified as Tabitha, also an Australian, were drunk. Police predicted Luke fell around 02.15 Surabaya time.
Police has examined Tabitha (23) and Agung Prasetyo, security officer at the apartment. Anom said that according to Tabitha, she went to a party at around 10PM last night where Luke drinks alcohol with his five friends. Tabitha and Luke then moved to another party at Jl Sumatera. "From his girlfriend's testimony, Luke drunk in the parties at two different places. They then returned to the apartment at dawn, heavily drunk," Anom said.
But autopsy by Dr Soetomo Hospital in Surabaya found no traces of alcohol in Luke's blood system. "As of now, very little possibility that he was under the influence of alcohol," one officer at the hospital told
The officer said if Luke was drunk, the smell of alcohol shall stay for at least 12 hours. Luke is a teacher at EF English Course.
The security officer at the apartment told the police that Luke was drunk before falling from the apartment.




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