Saturday, February 06, 2010

Controversial writer named a suspect

George Aditjondro, researcher and controversial writer, whose last book Membongkar Gurita Cikeas rocked Indonesian politics (for a brief moment), has been named a suspect by Jakarta police. It's not because of the book's content. But because a report filed by Ramadhan Pohan, legislator from President SBY's Demokrat Party.
Ramadhan reported George to the police alleging George had slapped him in the face (literally) aftermath of a discussion about the controversial book in December 2009. In one chapter of the book, George pointed to Rp150 billion funds "invested' by Soenaryo Sampoerna (son of Boedi Sampoerna) in Jurnal Nasional, a newspaper widely known associated with President SBY and his Demokrat Party. Ramadhan was chief editor of the paper, while the First Lady's sister, according to George, is the key figure in the newspaper's operation.
George, reportedly losing control of his temper, suddenly raised his right hand and hit Ramadhan in the face using a copy of the book. Ramadhan then reported George for misconduct, which carries a maximum sentence of 32 months in jail or a Rp400,000 fine. George defended himself, saying that he wanted to stop Ramadhan's misconception of the book.
Well, a good reason to shift our attention from contents of the book.

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