Friday, February 12, 2010

Boediono on resign rumor: Not that easy!

Rumors swirling around political elites that VP Boediono plans to resign due to the heat from Century case investigatio. But Boediono calmly responded, saying "I'm elected by people, to resign is not that easy." quoted Azyumardi, leader of Indonesian Moslem Intellectuals Association (ICMI), about their Q&A with the vice president. "We asked to the vice president about rumors out there that Mr Boediono wants to resign. He replied with question about the source of the rumor. But then the vice president said, "people elected me, so to resign would not be that easy." quoted Azyumardi Azra with stronger words from Boediono, saying, "so, there is no intention to resign. The rumor is not true."

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