Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Angered by Kerbau SiBuYa & SileBaY

Police stopped a buffalo named Kerbau Si leBaY in Kalimalang area, Jakarta. He was slated to "perform" at HI Circle with protesters from Pemuda Cinta Tanah Air (PECAT). The buffalo was taken from Bekasi, West Java because another buffalo, named SiBuYa, performed on January 28 rally has reportedly been "seized" by police. The "performance" has angered President SBY. "As if SBY is fat, lazy, and dumb like buffalo," SBY complained yesterday.
Coordinator of the rallies, Yosep Rizal (a freelance writer), told that he paid Rp200,000 rental fee for the buffalo. But now he's worried the police might seize the buffalo and he would be asked to pay Rp15 million. "I don't have that much," Yosep said.
SiBuYa, the buffalo performed on January 28 rally, is an overnight star after President SBY made comments about him. "Then there was a group of protesters leading a buffalo. They said 'SBY is lazy, big, and stupid, like a buffalo'. Was that really a demonstration?" SBY told the 33 governors in attendance. (The Jakarta Post, February 3rd, 2010).
Politicians, especially from SBY's Demokrat Party, are busy to condemn the buffalo's "sponsor".
Demokrat legislator Ruhut Sitompul, famous for his "rude statements & comments", considered people who brought the buffalo uncivilized (biadab). He got 46 comments from readers. About 35 readers against him.
Amir Syamsuddin, secretary general of Demokrat Party, who is also a lawyer like Ruhut, considered Kerbau SiBuYa as a defamation on State Symbol. "This is unethical," Amir said. Readers comment? Well, two supported Amir, five condemned him.
Senior politician from Golkar, known for his close relationship with President SBY (not SiBuYa), calmly said "to be ridiculed is one of the risks of being a leader." The late former president Abdurrahman Wahid might just respond "Gitu aja koq repot" (Why bother?). Probably SBY needs recipes from George W. Bush on how to deal with the "buffalos"!




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