Friday, January 08, 2010

When Susno barks

As if controversies were not enough, Susno Duadji, former head of criminal investigation unit at National Police, threatens his colleagues. "If all these facilities withdrawn, I would be mad," Susno said. National Police HQ has reportedly pulled all the facilities provided to Susno, including drivers and guards, after he testified in the court proceeding on former KPK chairman Antasari Azhar yesterday.
Susno doesn't believe the decision (to pull back the facilities) was made by Police Chief Bambang Hendarso Danuri. "The National Police Chief is a reformist. But, if this is his order, I would be very upset," Susno said.
Susno rebuffed the statement from National police spokesperson yesterday that he had violated the police ethics and codes of conduct. "Which code of conducts? I know exactly the code. I want the one who alleged me of violating ethics shall be punished because of that," Susno said.
Susno said he already informed Police Chief to testify through his secretary. "I keep the evidence," he said.
Susno was at the heart of the conflict between Police and Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) which created a political turmoil for President SBY. Susno is famous for his controversial analogy of Gecko vs Crocodile regarding the battle between KPK (gecko) and police (crocodile).
Susno's name was also mentioned in the Century-related investigation, especially allegations that he asks for "fee" in helping Boedi Sampoerna recover US$18 million funds.
Susno is a former deputy chairman of anti-money laundering agency (PPATK). Some believe he is in possession of "strategic data" about dubious accounts of police generals, including his former bosses.
So, why Susno barks and fights?
"I'm so sad, as if me and my family are suspects," Susno told He pointed to the "visit" of Police' special force (Densus 88) to his residence. Densus 88 is an anti-terror force. "As if I'm a terrorist," Susno complained. He feels things turned sour since he was replaced as the detective chief.
He admitted he went to Police Chief's residence. He was emotional that time. "That's true. I was mad because my dismissal was announced by police spokesperson," he argued. But he denied reports that he attacked the police chief's guard when he was forbidden to meet his boss. What's next?




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