Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vote an Idol, you get an album

President SBY has just released the third album titled : Ku Yakin Sampai di Sana, literally means: I believe will get there! This is the most productive song writer in the world's history for category: President in office. But this is might the result of people's vote in July 2009 election. They elected an idol, so they may get the album now.
Kompas reported that in this album SBY collaborated with famous musicians like Rio Febrian, Tantowi Yahya, Koeswoyo Junior, etc. I haven't listened to the songs. But the online publication said nine songs have different music genre.
BTW, how good was the marketing of two previous albums? The first album, titled, Rinduku Padamu (2006), also with nine songs (SBY loves everything Nine, but probably not Nine West), sold for Rp20,000 or about US$2. The second is titled Majulah Negeriku (2007). Added with the compilation album released five months before election last year, SBY produced three albums in five years of presidency. Now he started earlier in the second term. He might produce three more in the next four years before leaving office.
Marketing prospect of the third album? Well, at least someone, Andi Mallarangeng, minister for youth and sport affairs/former President's spokesperson, believes the album will be a HIT. To boost the marketing, according to Andi, there are plans for nationwide festival and singing competition on SBY's songs.
Why is he productive in writing songs? Probably he wants to be remembered as composer instead. But Andi said "he wants to communicate with his people." Well...daily speeches are seemed not powerful enough...




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