Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Susno on Lila Gondokusumo

Susno Duadji, former chief detective at National Police, admitted he met Boedi Sampoerna, the largest depositor at the troubled Bank Century, once, but that was due to an incident on Lila Gondokusumo. Boedi, according to Susno, asked police to release Lila, a former executive at Century.
"That time, he (Boedi) asked the beautiful detainee named Lila to be released," Susno told the House of Representatives' special committee to investigate Century case. Lila reportedly succeeded in having Boedi deposited huge amount of funds in Century.
"Even his son (Boedi's son) was there, he was furious and asked Lila to be released as well. But I rejected," Susno continued. Unfortunately, Susno didn't explain why Boedi and his son asked that or what kind of relationship they have with Lila.
Early last year, Susno actually disclosed about a steamy issue when he told legislators that "one of Century's depositors willing to loss Rp1 trillion as long as the police could release Lila from prison. The depositor said, if police agree, he won't chasing his Rp1 trillion funds at Century-related Antaboga scheme."

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