Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Surprises from Susno Duadji examination?

Susno Duadji, the controversial former chief detective at National Police, promised a full disclosure in his first inquiry with the House of Representatives' investigation team on the Bank Century case today. He is summoned to clarify his relationship with Century's former owner, Robert Tantular, and one of the bank's largest depositors, Boedi Sampoerna. Online publications reported Susno has just published two books. One about himself in the eyes of journalists, and the other one on his review of Criminal Code.
So, this, hopefully, become a scene of "Sherlock Holmes on Sherlock Holmes". Susno will be asked about his role in the whole Century saga. He admitted yesterday that he arrested Tantular upon the order of then VP Jusuf Kalla, not based on the report filed by Bank Indonesia.
Susno is considered knowledgeable about Sampoerna's funds in Century, reportedly over US$200 million. Susno is also implicated in the allegation about US$1 million fees for his "help" to clarify the legal status of Boedi Sampoerna's US$18 million funds.
What the legislators will ask to Susno? Well, one of the legislators told that he would ask Susno's knowledge about why Sampoerna put over US$200 million in a relatively small bank with total assets less than US$1.5 billion?
Susno triggered a controversy when he appeared as a witness during the trial of former KPK Antasari Azhar. A bigger controversy is clearly his famous metaphor of "Cicak (gecko) vs Buaya (Crocodile)" in the war between Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and National Police behind the alleged fabrication efforts to frame two KPK deputy chairmen Chandra M. Hamzah and Bibit Samad Rianto with bribery.
What Susno said about Robert Tantular?
"He embezzled Rp1.29 trillion from Century's depositors," Susno said.
Where Tantular puts the money?
"In Jersey, we found US$16.5 million, in Cuba US$14.8 million, Bermuda US$7.227 million, Switzerland US$220 million, and in UK under his wife's name US$872,000 and US$55,000. We also found in British Virgin Island and Cayman Island," Susno said.

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