Friday, January 15, 2010

Summon SBY, why not?

Two political parties, PDI-P and Hanura, proposed the examination of President SBY by the House special committee for Century case. Demokrat, PKS, and PPP said that's not necessary. Why not?
PDI-P politician Gayus Lumbuun said finance minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati confirmed that she informed the president through short message (SMS) on November 21, 2008 about the bailout when SBY was overseas. Late last month, senior politician from National Mandate Party (PAN) Abdillah Toha wrote an open letter to the inquiry committee, asking for the same. "Summoning the president is allowed under the law. The purpose would be to corroborate what his subordinates have told the committee or to reply questions his staffs were unable to answer," Toha wrote.
Toha said if the president knew about the bailout, the inquiry need to get the president's answer about when he gained the knowledge, and what steps he took to ensure the bailout's safety.
Sri Mulyani told legislators earlier that President SBY didn't involved in the bailout decision, but he was reported about the decision. She admitted of several consultations with the President about the bailout. "As far as I remember, the president only asked me to take necessary measures according to existing laws," Sri Mulyani said.
PDI-P politicians argued participation of Marsilam Simanjuntak, former head of President's delivery unit UKP3R, in various meetings for Century bailout, is an indication that the president was actively involved in the decision making.
Raden Pardede, secretary Financial Sector Stability Committee (KSSK) initially said that Marsilam attended the meetings upon the president's requests. But yesterday Raden insisted Marsilam attended in his capacity as one of the sources asked by KSSK for opinions and views on the bailout. Sri Mulyani also said so. Marsilam meanwhile said he attended the meetings because KSSK asked the president to allow me working with KSSK. "That's it," Marsilam said.
Well, it is important to know the president's own view on the process to the bailout, or whether there were communications between him (overseas) and the acting president Jusuf Kalla (at home, VP) during the so-called "critical moments".

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