Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sherlock Holmes on Susno Duadji

Susno Duadji used to play Sherlock Holmes when he was chief detective at the National Police. But yesterday, he was examined by 30 "Sherlock Holmes" of The House' special committee to investigate Century Bank case. As promised, he answered most questions related to Century owners and the flow of funds. It's just normal to get his statements responded with chorus of denials. What he said?
On the arrest of Robert Tantular, former owner of Century, Susno said Bank Indonesia filed police report only after police arrested Tantular upon the order of then VP Jusuf Kalla. VP Boediono's spokesperson Yopie Hidayat tried to clarify Susno's statement saying then Bank Indonesia governor Boediono had on November 20, 2008 asked finance minister Sri Mulyani to impose overseas travel ban on Tantular and his colleagues. Yopie shown journalist the copy of Boediono's letter to Sri Mulyani. Few minutes later, Susno told Committee members that Robert left Jakarta to Singapore in November 21, returned in November 23. Police arrested Robert in November 25 when he was about to fly to Singapore.
Fahri Hamzah, Committee member from Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) quickly "judged" Boediono had committed crime because he let someone (Tantular) committed crime. Well, may be too early to call.
On Sampoerna's money and alleged fees of Rp10 billion for him, Susno denied. He admitted someone did offer him such fees. "He said, nobody would know. Take some if you want, but I rejected," Susno said. Unfortunately, he didn't disclose the name of the guy. 
The flow of funds after the bailout?
Susno indirectly confirmed information about the flow of funds to a taxi driver in Ciputat (Rp24 billion, others reported Rp200 billion) and owner of a car workshop in Makassar (Rp33 billion). "That's right. This is strange, how come a driver received Rp24 billion. But this has to be investigated further," Susno said. 

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