Saturday, January 30, 2010

Politicians who tweet

It's just amazing that Twitter gained so much popularity in Indonesian politics. President candidates have their accounts created by campaign managers. But some have their personal accounts. Vice President Boediono is one of the most active Twitters. He posted 144 tweets and has 34,293 (at least check) followers and following 996.
His last tweet was on January 11th when he was about to testify before the House special committee to investigate Century case. He also uses the Twitter account to communicate his views, feelings, and "campaign" on certain issues. ICT minister Tifatul Sembiring is also on Twitter. He has lot more followers than Boediono. He has 37491 followers, is following 1541, and posted 1810 tweets already. The last tweet was two hours ago when the politician from Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) was preparing for Gunung Gede hiking in Cipanas, West Java. He invited people to join. He is following Microsoft founder and owner Bill Gates on Twitter. Tifatul has more followers than popular artist Agnes Monica (36,533) who has tweeted 978.
The hottest is probably Aburizal Bakrie's account. Aburizal is chairman of Golkar Party and Bakrie Group of Companies. Aburizal has less followers (5664) than both Boediono and Tifatul. Aburizal effectively uses his account to defend some allegations on his group and Golkar Party. He is following only 11, but has tweeted 351. He is following tweets from his son Anindya Bakrie (CEO of Bakrie Telecom). The last tweet was 8 hours ago when he updated his whereabouts: Jambi, Padang, Bintan (all in Sumatra region) for Golkar Party affairs.
Aburizal's account is also a place for "discussion" of issues like Lapindo mudflow, allegation of tax evasion on Bumi Resources, and "impeachment" motion by some Golkar politicians.

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