Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hotel Prodeo

Hotel Prodeo (cost free hotel) is the term used by Indonesians for prison. This terminology is correct for thieves who had no place to stay and no food to eat when they were sentenced. The term was correct few decades ago when prison was just a prison. These days, criminals have to pay US$10,000 per annum to get a decent cell with a fan. How much someone pays for a 5-star hotel with full air condition? quoted the wife of an inmate saying her family paid Rp100 million to the prison's officers to get a "private room with fan only". Interestingly, "we paid Rp50 million in advance. But the officers allowed us to pay in monthly installment for the remaining Rp50 million."
So, the tariff for such room in Cipinang penitentiary is about Rp270,000 per night, similar to the rate of 3-star hotels in Jakarta (but with full air conditioning, nice bathroom, etc).
"Initially I rejected to pay. But after I saw my husband stayed one night with thieves, bandits, killers, I decided to pay. I just can't stand to see my husband living such a life," the lady told
In Salemba prison, Jakarta, someone paid Rp30 million per annum to get 3-star facility, but you have to share the room with 5-10 inmates. "We got TV, fan, dispenser, and magic jar (for rice cooking)," one former inmate told SCTV.
For inmates who want to having sex with their wife, Cipinang prison provides "special room" with tariff of Rp500,000 per hour (US$60).
How much Artalyta Suryani paid for her "5-star private room" at Cipinang? "I bet, it's over Rp5 billion per annum," one politician commented. Artalyta has been removed to Tanggerang prison this week on public outrage of such special privilege. Now, imagine how much you have to pay to walk free out of Indonesia? Where all these money went? Did the prison bosses put in their own pockets or they shared to their bosses, higher up?




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