Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Herman Sarens Sudiro & politics

Kompas.com reported that Herman Sarens Sudiro (reportedly retired Brigadier General, but others reported Lieutenant General) agreed to surrender to the military police. Just confused that Herman (photo from Fajar.co.id), who has actively involved in Indonesian politics, is listed in the "fugitive list" of Military HQ for the past ten years? Isn't he one of the founders of Relawan SBY (Volunteers for SBY) in 2004 and 2009 presidential elections?
The Jakarta Post quoted First Marshall Sagom Tamboen, head of military information center, saying Herman was suspected of being involved in the embezzlement of TNI assets during his term as a corps commander in the 1970s. Sagom said, Herman's summons was meant to clarify and settle the allegation. The summon created a tense situation between the general and law enforcers at Taman Telaga housing complex in Tangerang on Monday. Herman ignored three summonses, and the military court decided to use force to bring Herman to court.
Who is Herman? Herman is a founder of Volunteers for SBY (Relawan SBY), which actively supported President SBY in both 2004 and 2009 elections. Other founder of the organization is Hatta Rajasa (now coordinating minister for the economy).
According to the organization's website, other founders are included Parasian Simanungkalit (Brig Gen ret Police), Pieter LD Wattimena (First Marshall, ret, former high ranking officer at defense ministry), Alexius Gordon Mogot (formet North Sulawesi police chief), and Hatanto Reksodiputro (former secretary general of trade affairs ministry). Other names are HIM Damsyik, Ani Herawati, and Rustam Effendy. Chairman of the organization is Mr Faisal Riza Yoenoes.
Born in Pandeglang, Banten, May 24, 1930, Herman is also famous as boxing promoter and member of Harley Davidson Club. According to Kompas.com, Herman is also an actor in at least 12 films. Married to Tinawati in 1958, Herman is also known as former husband of Theresia Blezinsky, older sister of the famous Tamara Blezinsky.  

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