Saturday, December 26, 2009

Robert Tantular & Miranda Goeltom

Lawyer of former owner of Bank Century, Robert Tantular, strongly denied allegations that his client ever gave Jaguar luxury car and cash for overseas trips to Miranda Goeltom, former senior deputy governor of Bank Indonesia. Interestingly, Robert's former business partner accused Robert of bankrolling Miranda's campaign for BI position few years back.
Bambang Hartono, the lawyer, said his client had professional relationship with Miranda. "All bank owners know Miranda. They (Robert and Miranda) only met in official events like Christmas party or seminars organized by BI," Bambang said.
Interestingly today some newspapers quoted Rafat Ali Rizvi, former shareholder of Century, saying Robert once financed the campaign of someone to be the senior deputy governor of Bank Indonesia.
The Jakarta Post quoted Rafat today saying "Robert told me on several occasions he financed the selection process for one of the officials to become senior deputy governor. I told Robert he shouldn't be doing this. It's tantamount to bribery. Robert said it was alright."
The Inquiry Team established by DPR to investigate Century scandal will summon Miranda again. She might be confronted with Rafat's "testimony". They might also summon Robert Tantular on this issue.
Miranda told the team last week that she talked to Robert several times, but "we never become friends."
Some media outlets reported that she burst into tears before the team, especially when legislator from Hanura mentioned about her fond of arts. That was her second appearance. "Why me?", "I don't know?", and "Ask other BI officials!" were some of her answers on questions from the team members.
What an unpeaceful retirement for Miranda! She has also been questioned several times in the bribery scandal implicating some legislators.
The Post article concluded close ties to BI officials had helped Bank Century break rules and committed frauds. Well, reading the 500-page audit report from Supreme Audit Agency (BPK), one could easily share such conclusion. Who shall be responsible for the flaws?




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