Thursday, December 17, 2009

Motion to suspend Boediono & Sri Mulyani

Inquiry team established by the House of Representatives (DPR) to investigate Bank Century bailout debated for almost five hours on the motion to temporarily suspend VP Boediono and Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati, while President SBY is overseas.
Chairman of the inquiry team, Idrus Marham, had finally asked for 10 minutes timeout to allow lobbies between political parties. Seven out of nine political parties in the team had actually "endorsed" the proposal to temporarily suspend both leaders, but President SBY's Demokrat Party and PPP (the sixth largest party) rejected the motion.
Anas Urbaningrum, legislator from Demokrat, asked fellow team members not to push forward the idea (to temporarily suspend Boediono and Sri Mulyani). But Golkar legislator Agun Gunandjar Sudarsa said the inquiry team shall propose to President SBY to temporarily suspend Boediono and Sri Mulyani for the sake of "smooth investigation" on Century.
Benny K. Harman, legislator from Demokrat, responded Gunandjar's suggestion with high-tone of statements saying "DPR has no legal rights to propose (suspension) to President." But Gunandjar got supports from Marwan Djafar (PKB), Andi Rahmat (PKS), and Ahmad Muzani (Gerindra). PDI-P, the third largest party in DPR, also supports the motion.
Benny alleged "free riders" behind the Century inquiry saying "it is clear now that this special committee has been used by free-riders to push their hidden agenda."
But after intensive lobbies, the inquiry team finally suggested both Boediono and Sri Mulyani to self-suspending themselves, temporarily, voluntarily, with their own will. According to Anas, that would mean "it's up to them. If they think they could still do their official job, no need to suspend themselves."
Just can't imagine how wild this inquiry will be. As President SBY is currently overseas, Boediono is the "commander in chief". Of course, President SBY is not obliged to follow the team's suggestion. But what next? 




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