Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Marubeni vs Sugar Group continues

Legal dispute between Marubeni Corporation and PT Sweet Indolampung, a subsidiary of Sugar Group of Companies, continues at Central Jakarta district court. 
In the court proceeding yesterday, Indolampung rejected Marubeni's claim of defaulted payment of 3.52 billion yen and US$7.92 million.
Hotman Paris Hutapea, lawyer for Indolampung, insisted Marubeni is not one of their creditors. Hotman said Lampung court had rejected similar claims from Marubeni. Marubeni will have two weeks to respond Indolampung's defense statement. 
In a related development, Judicial Commission will examine Supreme Court justice Djoko Sarwoko for his role in the ruling on legal dispute between Marubeni and Indolampung in Jakarta court. 

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