Saturday, December 26, 2009

Marsilam & Century bailout

President SBY said he never assigned Marsilam Simanjuntak, head of President's Special Delivery Unit (UKP3R), to represent him in meetings related to the decision to bailout Bank Century.
"President SBY didn't know about that and Marsilam's presence was not upon the president's order," Julian Aldrian Pasha, President's spokesperson said.
Julian said it's irrelevant to speculate on Marsilam's presence as an indication of President SBY's involvement in the Century bailout. "He attended the meetings in Marsilam's capacity as advisor to Finance Minister," Julian said.
Two weeks ago, Marsilam told the press that he attended the Century-related meetings according to tasks given by President SBY to UKP3R. The Inquiry Team established by DPR to investigate the bailout has raised questions about Marsilam's role in the bailout. Former secretary to the Financial Sector Stability Committee (KSSK) Raden Pardede said earlier that "Mr Marsilam was asked by President to work with KSSK."
Why the president has to deny his role through Marsilam's presence? Is it a sign that the President want to detach himself from the bailout decision and let Sri Mulyani Indrawati and Boediono face the inquiry by themselves? If SBY believes the bailout decision was right, why would he try to detach himself from the decision?
Today, finance ministry sent out another clarification: Marsilam was invited by the KSSK as a source, just like others. Once again, if they believe the bailout decision was right, why they have to trigger another speculation about Marsilam's role with such conflicting statements?




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