Saturday, December 26, 2009

Luna Maya, Infotainment & The Edict

The beautiful artist Luna Maya managed to get over 100,000 supporters in various Facebook accounts to "fight the crappy infotainment", higher than the Facebook accounts supporting finance minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati. Luna Maya's concern about Infotainment she wrote in her Twitter account has sparked nationwide discussion, including the edict from Moslem clerics. Actually, three years ago, Nahdlatul Ulama's national conference in Surabaya issued an edict prohibiting Moslems from broadcasting, publishing, and watching infotainment news or TV gossip shows.
The Jakarta Post reported earlier that Luna allegedly defamed infotainment journalists by posting a comment in her Twitter account, calling infotainment journalists lower than commercial sex workers and murderers. As of Wednesday morning, last week, her Twitter account was no longer accessible. Thursday last week, the Jakarta chapter of Indonesian Journalist Association (PWI) representing infotainment journalists reported Luna to the Jakarta Police for defamation.
News portal reported that Luna had been angered by infotainment journalists after an incident in one of Central Jakarta's mall, where one of the journalists' camera hit the head of Aleia, the daughter of Peter Pan's vocalist Ariel who had accompanied her that night.
Since then several Facebook accounts have been established to support her fight such as Free Luna Maya from ICT Law trap (42,000 supporters), Support Luna Maya from Arrogant Infotainment (122,000 supporters), etc. There are at least 25 Facebook accounts to support the artist.
Nahdlatul Ulama chairman Hasyim Muzadi reaffirmed the edict saying gossippy infotainment is classified as "haram" (prohibited under Islamic teachings). "Such gossip is not considered entertainment news anymore. Reports about internal affairs of a family and conflicts between family members shall be stopped," Muzadi said. He cited the Holy Qur'an to strengthen his argument.
Of course not all entertainment news are gossippy. The problems are probably on the implementing definition and classifications. But Indonesia's Broadcasting Commission (KPI) admitted earlier that it's reviewing at least 40 infotainment programs which might have violated Broadcasting Law No. 32/2002 article 36 point 5b (porn-related issues).




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