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The Joker, YKK & The Cikeas Octopus

Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) confirmed the flow of money from the fugitive businessman Joko Tjandra (nicknamed The Joker by convicted businesswoman Artalyta Suryani) to Yayasan Kesetiakawanan dan Kepedulian (YKK), one of foundations highlighted by George J. Aditjondro in his controversial book: Membongkar Gurita Cikeas: Di balik skandal Bank Century.
"It is true, the amount is approximately US$1 million," Bibit Samad Ryanto, deputy chairman of KPK said today
KPK didn't investigate the money transfer because it was considered a "deal" between private sectors. KPK discovered the money transfer during the investigation of Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance (BLBI) in relation to the bribery scandal of Artalyta Suryani, considered as middle-person for tycoon Sjamsul Nursalim, and prosecutor Urip Tri Gunawan.
Joko Tjandra's lawyer YB Purwaning Yanuar said he knew nothing about the money transfer to YKK. Yanuar said he only handled the Bank Bali issue.
KPK's statement today is a confirmation of various media reports earlier about the transfer of US$1 million to YKK. reported about the issue in its article titled "Mr President & The Joker" in October 1st, 2009.
What is YKK?
As reported by, based on the information from its website, Yayasan Kesetiakawanan dan Kepedulian, is a foundation where former military commander Djoko Suyanto is a member of Supervisory Council. Djoko Suyanto was deputy chairman of SBY-Boediono campaign team and president commissioner of listed energy company PT Adaro Energy (ADRO) Tbk. Suyanto is currently coordinating minister for politic, security, law, and human rights affairs. 
Other name listed in the supervisory council of the foundation is Sutanto (former National Police Chief, former president commissioner of state-owned oil and gas company Pertamina, once a member of SBY-Boediono team, but resigned upon public criticism), who is now the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) Head. 
Others including Purnomo Yusgiantoro (former energy and mineral resources minister, currently defense minister), MS Hidayat (chairman of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, now minister for industry affairs).
While the executive committee of the foundation is led by chairman Arwin Rasyid (currently CEO of Bank CIMB Niaga), deputy chairman Agustian Partawidjaja (executive of Sinar Mas Group), Nenny Sri Utami (former head of research and development of energy and mineral resources ministry), Setiawan Ambardy (finance director of PT Jaring Lintas Usaha), Dessi Natalegawa (brother of foreign affairs minister Marty Natalegawa, former executive of Prayogo Pangestu's Chandra Asri petrochemical center), etc.
KPK imposed a travel ban on The Joker based on information that he transferred US$1 million to Suryani, known for her relationship to tycoon Sjamsul Nursalim. But KPK then found the money was not transferred to Suryani. That's why KPK released The Joker from the travel ban, which cost them police investigation on "abuse of power". KPK then traced the money and found that The Joker gave the money to CEO of PT Mulia Viadi Sutoyo and Enang as courier. "They then gave the money to Djoko Suyanto from Kesetiakawanan Foundation," Ahmad Rifai, lawyer to KPK leaders explained. 
Suyanto denied the allegation. The donation, he said, was received by the foundation's executive board through its account. "I have no idea about that, it's the foundation's business," he said few months ago.
Today, Suyanto admitted the "donation". "That's true. But its nothing to do with financing the (presidential) election campaign," Suyanto said. "The issue is already old, probably two or three years, probably George fell asleep back then, suddenly woke up and blowing up this issue," Suyanto commented George's theory about The Joker's funds for SBY's presidential campaign.
The foundation was active in providing assistance to various groups as shown in its website. That's probably why people like George asked how the foundation financed all the activities and programs?
KPK lawyer admitted it got the information about the money from The Joker to Yayasan Kesetiakawanan when KPK grilled Viadi Sutoyo (executive of Mulia Group) in relation to the bribery scandal of Artalyta Suryani and prosecutor Urip Tri Gunawan in May 2008. Bibit argued "that (US$1 million) is between private sectors and the foundation, not KPK's business." Well, looks like it's not just an affair between the The Joker and YKK now, especially after George highlighted the role of other foundations.
Some people argued "what's wrong with the foundations, especially if they're doing good things for people?" Well, nothing wrong with that. Soeharto also argued the same on his foundations like Supersemar, Dakab, Dharmais, Dana Gotong Royong Kemanusiaan, Dana Sejahtera Mandiri, etc. But we all know Soeharto's foundations were also sanctuaries for corruption and rampant collusion due to lack of transparency in their fund raising and accountability of the money they collected. 
(Haryanto Suharman, researcher at contributed to this article)

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