Saturday, December 26, 2009

Facebookers for Sri Mulyani

As of this morning, Facebook account dedicated to support finance minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati has attracted 44,622 supporters. It is about a 100% growth from December 22 (23,000 supporters). But one supporter asked, "why is it so difficult to even reach 100,000?"
Well, for a comparison, two KPK leaders---Bibit Samad Rianto and Chandra M. Hamzah---managed to get over 1 million Facebook supporters nine days after the account established. Prita Mulyasari also secured over 150,000 Facebookers within few days.
Someone created the account for Sri Mulyani under the banner "We Believe in Sri Mulyani's Integrity". But its performance is not that impressive, even compared to the account established to support the investigation of Century bailout called Gerakan Pemerintah Bersih---Penuntasan Skandal Bank Century which already secured 88,000 supporters. Sri Mulyani is one of the so-called "main targets" in the ongoing investigation.




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