Friday, December 11, 2009

Century debacle: Thoughts

My former boss, JB Blikololong, wrote an article titled Slippery Slope on Century debacle. Kompas, the largest newspaper in Indonesia, published the article on Wednesday, December 9. Jack, that's how we call JB Blikololong, a philosopher, considered logical fallacy in the bailout, pretty much similar with Bush argument to attack Iraq. 
"As systemic risk and its series of negative impacts a slippery slope, looks like there is other agenda in the Century bailout. That's what KPK and Century inquiry team should discover," Jack wrote. 

Last Friday, Dominggus Elcid Li, co-editor of Academia Journal, PhD candidate in University of Birmingham, wrote an article titled Republik Zonder Atap, also published by Kompas. Dominggus explained the irony of upholding law and justice. He contrasted President SBY's suggestion to settle Century bailout of US$700 million out of court, while legal process on Minah, allegedly stole three cocoa from PT Rumpun Sari Antan's plantation worth US$0.2, shall be continued in court. "Upholding law is a must for small people, while legal issues implicating state officers could be settled in the negotiation rooms," Dominggus wrote.
Professor Sutandyo Wignyosubroto, in a conversation with Kompas (December 13), said downward law is always greater than upward law, when he contrasting Minah and Robert Tantular (former owner and chairman of Bank Century). It is easy to prove that Minah had stolen cocoa from PT Rumpun, but it's difficult to do the same on Century & Tantular.
"Law discriminates. For the weak, he is strong. He would be weak on the strong people, shielded with lines of lawyers, especially if someone has political position. At the end of the day, we shall admit, life is not so fair," Sutandyo said.




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