Friday, December 25, 2009

Ayu Azhari, vice regent candidate?

Sexy artist Ayu Azhari believes she would win the election in Sukabumi Regency, West Java as vice regent. PDI-P, the third largest in the country, reportedly supports her candidacy.
Tjahyo Kumolo, executive at PDI-P, said the party has yet to formally nominate Ayu.
Political observers warned PDI-P of possible credibility issue if it gives blessing for Ayu. Gaffar Karim, political science lecturer in UGM, said accommodating popular figure like Ayu could ruin PDI-P's image...Some Sukabumi residents prefer other beautiful popstars like Desi Ratnasari or Heppy Salma...
But others say: who cares? Is it matter? Check out her pictures here....She could be Indonesia's "hottest officer". Oops..she's one of few Indonesians invited in Barrack Obama's inauguration party at the Capitol Hill, Washington early this year. Ayu is mother of six. The youngest is Lennon Tramp from her relationship with White Lion singer Mike Tramp.




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