Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oilex mobilises rig for Timor Sea drilling

Oilex Ltd advises that on 11 November 2009, Woodside Energy Ltd released the Songa Mercur drilling rig to Oilex and the vessel is now under tow from Dampier to the first well location in Oilex's Timor Sea contract area JPDA 06-103.
The rig is contracted to drill two wells in JPDA 06-103 (with an option of one additional well). Drilling is expected to start in late November 2009. 
The Songa Mercur will be drilling the Lore and Lolotoe prospects in JPDA 06-103, targeting mean prospective oil resources of 195 million barrels and 90 million barrels respectively (100% basis).
JPDA 06-103 is an offshore oil exploration block and gas potential to host significant oil reserves. It is located near to a number of existing producing fields as we as ENI's recent Kitan oil discovery currently under development.
Oilex is the operator and owner of 10% participating interest in the Timor Sea block. Other partners are Global Energy Ltd (Videocon) with 25%, GSPC Ltd 25%, Bharat PetroResources 25%, and Japan Energy E&P Ltd 15%. 

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