Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New molybdenum anomaly discovered at Promistis

Victory West Moly Ltd announced the discover of a significant new molybdenum anomaly at PT Promistis, about 10-km from the company's molybdenum prospect within the Malala project area in Sulawesi.
Highlights of the discovery include: (1) multiple stream sediment samples have returned highly anomalous molybdenum values up to 97 ppm Mo; (2) Preliminary rock chip samples return up to 457 ppm Mo; (3) Detailed follow up geological mapping and sampling is underway, with an additional geologist expected to be added later this month.
VWM, previously known as Richfield Group Limited, is exploring mineral resources in several mining rights (kuasa pertambangan/KP) in Sulawesi. They are PT Sembilan Sumber Mas, PT Promistis, and PT Indo Surya. These KPs are located in northern west part of Sulawesi Island.

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Anonymous JR said...

selamat siang, salam kenal....wakh keren blognya, ini adalah kunjungan pertama saya, semoga dengan kunjungan pertama ini bisa menambah silahturahim dan teman sesama blogger. saya baru belajar

November 30, 2009 2:28 PM  

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