Friday, November 06, 2009

My enemy's enemy

It is a general belief that legislators hate Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) because some of their friends have been jailed, prosecuted, and wiretapped. In the past few months, we have seen open wars between KPK and police/attorney general's office (AGO). 
Last night's hearing between House Commission III and National Police leaders was not more than a meeting of two friends. The friend in need went into tears, telling friends that "I didn't do it. I swear to God. I never took the bribery..hiks..hiks..." The friends started to console him...and BIG SMILE...They loudly said in chorus...LET'S FIGHT BACK!
It reminds me of the below story from Republic of Idiotidols, where crocodiles and Komodo joined forces to fight Lizard Citizens.
They are a stronger group now: 50 + 50. "You are crocodile, right? And, we're Komodo. Don't let one single lizard alive," one member of the group said.
"How many of them?" another member asked. "About one thousand," the other replied. "That's not enough for all of us," others started to complain. 
"When will we get them?" "Tomorrow. It's already 3AM in the morning. Let's get some sleep, and let these lizards have their good sleep. According to the veterinarians, lizards with good sleep will have better meat."
"BTW, do we need back-ups from the King Kong?" one Komodo asked. "Oh, C'mon, King Kong is just too busy brushing his hair, check his cheek in the mirror, and serving the powerful Queen Kong," a sleepy crocodile replied.
So they decided to go to bed. When they're about to get their meals, they realize that the number of lizards have skyrocketed to millions. 
"Do you think we could win?" one crocodile asked to a hungry Komodo.
"Check out whether Britain succeeded in subsidizing any government that would oppose Napoleon? Did Nixon's alliance with Mao's China manage to weaken Soviet Union?"
The problem with the lizard group, some lizards have been trained by the crocodile group to be their informant or do some counter-intelligence operation.  (Haryanto Suharman & Yosef Ardi)

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