Sunday, November 08, 2009

Crocodile Dumbee (2)

Crocodile Dumbee Force considers a lawsuit against Constitutional Court (MK) for the "broadcasting" of wiretapped conversation between crocodiles, Komodo, and some tamers.
Crocodile Dumbee said "the broadcasting hurts." What the zoo's visitors said, "that's the dumbest thing to do." 
Crocodile Dumbee II also said "The Gecko didn't pursue the prosecution on MSK because he is a close friend of CH, they have emotional relationship. MSK was the witness in the wedding of CH with the daughter of respected figure N." N's wife protested and strongly denied because "MSK was not even invited for the wedding." The zoo's visitors said, "that's completely bullshit. The crocodile dumbee should apologize."
Crocodile Dumbee III said "I swear to God, I never took Rp10 billion. I asked God, please take my life now if I really took the money. The wiretapped conversation was a trap to the gecko. I knew my cell was wiretapped, because I did a counter intelligence." The spectators said "that's dangerous. So, you designed the plot to incriminate the geckos."
King Kong said "the wiretapped conversation also hurts me, because my name was mentioned several times by the tamers, as if I supported the crocodiles. So I ordered Crocodile Dumbee to investigate the defamation."
King Kong said "it's me who asked Crocodile Dumbee to suspend Dumbee III." Spectators said, "But looks like Dumbee III is still in charge. So, we're afraid that the crocodiles are not afraid of you."
King Kong said "really? I'm surprised. Let me establish A TEAM to investigate why the crocodiles don't really follow my instructions."
Spectators asked "why not replacing the Dumbees?" Komodo said, "I will do so, but depending on how many mails would support that. I have established A TEAM to prepare A TEAM to work on Post Office Box 4999. If you guys have complaints about the crocodiles, send letters to POBOX 4999."
Why 4999? "That's my birthday. You know, I love my self so much. I wish next year I got more postcards with my beautiful pictures and expressing their support for 2014 election. I will not run, but I'm expecting them to support Queen Kong." 




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