Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cikeas Idol: Round II

The first Cikeas Idol accomplished late last month. Out of thousands names, 34 have been selected as ministers. They're all happy. Everybody smile. Coz it is considered a "gift", not a tasking.
As the winner of Cikeas Idol, they will get to following facilities and incentives: (1) First class ticket to anywhere, (2) Free of traffic jam, (3) Free Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at the best restaurants, (4) Toyota Camry, (5) Big House in prestigious complex, (6) Private guardians, and (7) Name what you want (as long as you're not afraid of corruption, collusion, and nepotism charges).
You won't upset with all these offers, right? Tomorrow, seven new idols will be crowned as vice ministers. They will get slightly less than the first idols, but decent enough to leave a job as CEO of multinational company, for example. 
For those who have yet to be selected, there will be more Cikeas Idols to come. Depending on how you play, there might be next rounds of First Class Idols, but you have to get rid off some of them next year or two years from now under a program called "reshuffle".
Some might trigger noises on certain Idols to push that "reshuffle". If have tried that, but there is no such reshuffle, you have to wait five years from now. There is a possibility that they will change the program. Not Cikeas Idol anymore. But it's pretty much depend on what will happen in the next five years. Who knows that there will be another Cikeas Idol rounds in 2014 onwards?




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