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Century fiasco & conspiracy theory

All eyes are on the follow-up of yesterday's decision from National police to suspend the detention of two suspended anti-graft commission leaders. The first question is what will happen next? Will there be a thorough investigation on the "root" of the recent political clout and the alleged plot to incriminate Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) leaders?

Yesterday's broadcasted taped conversation between various people and officers at police headquarters and Attorney General's Office (AGO) may have strengthened public's belief that there was a conspiracy between various groups to "attack" KPK leaders. The masterminds of the conspiracy have started to been seen somewhat clearer.

Speculations rife on Susno Duadji, head of criminal investigation unit at the national police. Some reports speculated on his suspension, while others speculated about his resignation. Susno Duadji is at the center of the dispute between KPK and police when he made the controversial metaphor of gecko (for KPK) versus crocodile (police). 

He made the statement as reaction to KPK's action in wiretapping his conversations. KPK wiretapped Susno because he was suspected of asking for US$1 million fee in releasing Boedi Sampoerna's funds from the troubled Bank Century. In what is considered a retaliation, police named two KPK leaders as suspect, initially with bribery allegations, but then moved to new allegation: abuse of power. 

At some point, Susno managed to get support from his bosses. Even President SBY issued decrees to suspend KPK leaders temporarily. Constitutional Court's preliminary ruling, i.e. KPK leaders can't be suspended if no formal charges been made, is a slap in the face of the president.

The roots of the clout are clearly in unanswered questions relating to Century fiasco itself. They are as follows: 


1) Did Susno get the US$1 million he reportedly asked from Boedi Sampoerna or his lawyers for releasing the US$18 million funds from Century?

2) Is the release of Sampoerna's funds considered legal?


1) How much money Sampoerna actually deposited in Century?

2) How much he already withdrawn after Depositors Insurance Agency (LPS) injected Rp6.7 trillion into the bank?

Century-political parties

1) There were rumors about the flow of funds from Century-related issue to political groups for financing both April legislative and July presidential elections.

2) Which political party got the funds, including from the suspects in the scandal?

The Bailout

The main question is clearly whether the bailout was politically-motivated (under pressures from political groups benefited from the bailout)? 

Bank Indonesia:

(1) Did the central bank provide reliable data to government in relation to policy to bailout Century?

(2) Did the central bank deliberately provide a relatively lower cost of bailout?

(3) Has anybody at the central bank been asked for responsibility in the massive fraud?


Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati once admitted the data provided by Bank Indonesia was not reliable. If the unreliable data is blamed for the costlier bailout, who shall be held accountable?

The main question is clearly whether there was a conspiracy to bailout Century?

Mahfud MD, chief justice at Constitutional Court was right when he said everybody mentioned in the tapped conversations shall be investigated for their role in the "criminalization" of KPK.
As for KPK, they shall move on with investigation on everybody involved in the Century scandal.

Other than the criminal investigation, politicians could move on with their maneuvers to get clarity on the bailout. 
Civil society groups, meanwhile, shall keep their eyes and ears open to ensure the whole process will reveal the truth. The balls are also in the hands of Supreme Audit Agency (BPK). BPK shall acquire money trails from anti-money laundering agency PPATK.

Of course, people can't expect too much from the political process, especially after the new DPR is more of spokesperson and rubber stamp for government than a check-and-balance power. 
Civil society will, if they want, play more important role, pretty much like what's happened in the past few days where their concerted and cohesive efforts managed to "release" two KPK leaders.

by Ferdy Hasiman, Haryanto Suharman, & Yosef Ardi
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