Friday, October 23, 2009

Wanna be minister? Try public rally!

Days of public rally in Maluku to protest no Maluku guy in SBY-Boediono cabinet turned out to be a big success. SBY promised to give one seat to someone from Maluku. Flores, Timor, Indian may follow!
"Not very long, there will be someone from Maluku in a strategic post in the administration," President SBY said today.
Media reported yesterday that thousands of youngsters staged public rallies in Ambon, Maluku province. They came from various organizations (PKMRI, HMI, GMNI, etc) to protest SBY's cabinet composition where no one from Maluku in the new cabinet.
Earlier on Tuesday, leaders of youth organization KNPI Maluku staged public rally at Maluku DPRD (local house of representatives) to protest the cabinet selection.
Tempo Interaktif had a comprehensive report about the rallies. Well, no Flores nor Timor guy in the cabinet. Should they stage public rallies, will the president enlarge the cabinet again?




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