Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Paedophilia & minister candidate

So, one of SBY-Boediono's minister candidates once reportedly detained by Cambodian police in July 2005 with paedophilia allegation. 
Christian Guth, legal advisor for Cambodia foreign affairs ministry, told VivaNews today that two Indonesian legislators were detained by Cambodian police in July 2005. They were in Cambodia to attend the Asean Parliamentary Organization (AIPO) meeting from July 20 to 24, 2005. But quoted Guth saying the legislators were released on US$20,000 bail.
Others said the legislators were only "victims" of "blackmail". "Because if that was true, why the guy managed to attend 2006 AIPO meeting in Manila?"
Guth declined to disclose the name of the legislators. If it's true that one of them is the list of minister candidates, he might be the one identified with initial S (based on database of Indonesian delegation at the AIPO). But looks like SBY-Boediono already "clarified" the issue. Looks like the suspected name has been confirmed a new minister.




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