Friday, October 23, 2009

New Ministers, More Promises

Reading newspapers this time around, we would feel like we're in the middle of election campaign season. New ministers in SBY-Boediono cabinet were competing to publish their promises. 
ICT Minister Tifatul Sembiring promises "green Base Transceiver Station" where the telco BTS will source their electricity from biogas derived from cow manure. Education minister Muhammad Nuh promises cheap books, while agriculture minister Suswono promised self-sufficiency in corn and sugar.
Energy Minister Darwin Zahedy Saleh pledged to launch a bureaucratic reform and promote alternative energy, while environmental affairs minister will campaign for stopping mining license within forest area.
Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih, health minister, pledged no more cooperation with US Naval Medical Research Unit (Namru). 
Fishery and maritime affairs minister Fadel Muhammad promised fishermen's prosperity, while law and human rights minister Patrialis Akbar wants to make his ministry a favorite. Even trade minister Mari Pangestu, one of few ministers from SBY-Kalla administration, promised for online licensing next year.
Coordinating minister for the economy Hatta Rajasa made the most, even though we have heard similar promises in the past five years, like boost the real sector, create more jobs, accelerate infrastructure development, improve electricity supply, reform the bureaucracy, higher economic growth (up to 8%), etc.
Their boss, President SBY, announced three slogans in the first cabinet meeting: "Change and Continuity", "De-bottlenecking, Acceleration, and Enhancement", and "Unity, Together We Can."
We might get more promises and slogans in the coming days, weeks, months, and years until we finally enter the "real election campaign" season. 




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