Friday, October 23, 2009

Embezzling US$25 Million, 26 months jail ONLY!

There is a general principle in stealing here: Steal BIG, you will be punished LIGHTER or even a FREEDOM!
Herman Ramli, accused of embezzling investors' money of about US$25 million, has been sentenced 26 months jail. He allegedly embezzled funds from thousands of investors at the brokerage firm he owned, PT Sarijaya Permana Sekuritas.
The Capital Market Supervisory Agency (Bapepam) could only complain about the light sentence. "That's just too light, no shock therapy here," Fuad Rahmany, Bapepam chairman said.
Under the law, maximum sentence for such kind of crime is 15 years prison. So, how someone can get two years and two months (probably will be discounted with 10 months plus bonuses for "good attitude")?   




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