Friday, August 07, 2009

WS Rendra passed away

Famous poet WS Rendra passed away on Thursday, August 6, at Mitra Hospital, Depok, West Java.
Rendra was born in Solo, Central Java, November 7, 1935, from R. Cyprianus Sugeng Brotoatmodjo and Raden Ayu Catharina Ismadillah. His father was a teacher at a Catholic School in Solo, while his mother was a dancer at Surakarta Palace.
Rendra had heart and kidney problem. Rendra is known master poet, playwright, actor and cultural statesman. Yudiaryani from Indonesia Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta wrote few tears ago that Rendra has huge effects on the domain of Indonesian arts. His group of theatre, namely Bengkel Teater, had been active from 1967, when Rendra went home from US after studying for several years in New York. 
Rendra will be buried at his beloved theatre tomorrow. He is also an activist. Soeharto regime put him in jail in 1978 and banned some of his performances. His last move was in supporting Megawati-Prabowo in July 8 presidential race. Rendra decided to support the pair because they're considered "anti-foreign". He is known for strong character. He was the recipient of Achmad Bakrie Award 2006. 
He married to Sunarti Suwandi in March 1959. They have five children (Teddy Satya Nugraha, Andreas Wahyu Wahyana, Daniel Seta, Samuel Musa, and Clara Shinta). Rendra, raised in a Catholic family, converted into Islam in August 1970. Some criticized his decision because he wanted to marry second wife Sitoresmi Prabuningrat. Rendra and Sitoresmi have four chilren (Yonas Salya, Sarah Drupadi, Naomi Srikandi, and Rachel Saraswati). Rendra's third wife is Ken Zuraida, with whom he has two children (Isaias Sadewa and Maruam Supraba). Rendra divorced Sitoresmi in 1979 and Sunarti two years later. Colorful personality.




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