Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DNA test: My Name is Not Noordin M Top

Detik.com quoted Noordin M. Top's family member in Johor, Malaysia this morning saying the DNA test on Noordin's son doesn't match with the DNA of the man shot dead in Temanggung raid last week.
Detik.com quoted Badarudin, spokesperson of Noordin's family, saying the family has been informally informed about the results of DNA test. "Not matched," Badarudin said.
Detik.com then published a follow-up report about the DNA test saying the man shot dead might be Reno (expert in assembling bombs, considered as successor of Dr Azahari) or Ibrohim (the florist who allegedly played crucial role in July 17 suicide bombings at Marriott and Ritz-Carlton).
If the latest is true, the Temanggung raid shall be considered a success still.




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