Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who is the bomber?

Police identified the suicide bomber at JW Marriott Hotel with initials "NA". Speculations pointed to Nur Aziz. Who is he? 
Abdurrahman Assegaf, chairman of Indonesian Islam Movement (GUII), described Nur Aziz as member of Noordin M. Top's group. Assegaf said Nur Azis has other names Nur Sahid and Nur Hasbi or Nurhasbi who stayed at Marriott's Room 1808. published Nur Sahid's picture few hours ago.
Nur Hasbi, according to Assegaf, lived in Katekan village, Ngadirejo, Temanggung, Central Java. Born in Temanggung, July 24, 1974, Nur Hasbi is linked to Asmar Latin Sani, bomber at Australian Embassy few years ago. Both are graduated from Al-Mukmin Ngruki Islamic boarding school.
Assegaf claimed that Nur Hasbi was recruited by Tedy AKA Reno AKA Mubarok, who is considered Noordin M. Top's assistant. Nurhasbi, according to Assegaf, entered JW Marriott with three of his friends and paid US$1400 deposit to stay at Room 1808 since July 15. When check-in at Marriott, Nurhasbi reportedly used fake ID with an address at Pondok Pinang village, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta.
Nurhasbi, reportedly, married in Klaten, Central Java in 2003 to Ida Parwati. Assegaf claimed Friday bombings have been planned since January 2009.
"So, their target is not President SBY. They don't care about who's the president. Their goal is clear, to establish an Islamic State," Assegaf said.
Sidney Jones, director of International Crisis Group (ICG), said Nur Aziz is Nur Hasbi, member of Noordin M. Tops's network. "They both graduated from Ngruki in 1995," Jones said.
But director of the boarding school, Sholeh Ibrahim, denied the school had a student registered under the name of Nur Hasbi. Ibrahim alleged Assegaf's explanations were groundless and defamed the institution.
Meanwhile Nur Sahid or Nur Hasbi's father, Muhammad Nasir, as quoted by, believes his son is not the suicide bomber at Marriott. "I hope that's not my son, and I hope that's wrong," he said in his home in Temanggung on Sunday. According to Nasir, his son, wife, and two sons have never returned to the village since 2001.
Nur Sahid or Nurhasbi's younger brother Udi Mas'ud told that the family doesn't believe Nur Sahid is a member of Jamaah Islamiyah recruited by Tedy or Mubarok. Mas'ud said last time Nur Sahid back home was in 2005. Nur Sahid is son of H. Muh Nasir and Hj Tumini with six siblings. He reportedly enrolled to Ngruki boarding school led by Abu Bakar Ba'asyir. 

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